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Touchless Fare Collection with All-Door Boarding

March 10, 2023

Touch-free boarding is an important step towards protecting front-line transit workers and users. Have you given the idea of integrating a sensor-based validator into your mobile ticketing software any thought?

ZIG Transit uses sensor technology and a smartphone app to authenticate contactless tickets and allow riders to board at any door.

Our no-touch sensor validators reduce waiting times for boarding while boosting rider security.

The sensors will immediately establish a Bluetooth connection with the rider's smartphone and validate the ticket whether they are placed at the front or back entry. A live visual display unit sends the boarding information to the drivers in real time in order to spot fare evasion.

When used in Bluetooth mode, our validators can operate in a SMART BUS Enviroment. Once passengers have boarded, our hardware validators may connect with cellphones automatically to verify their tickets. By using the Be in Be Out Ticketing software on their phone, users can board without standing in line at the fare boxes.

Our hardware validation sensors are the first of their kind to offer totally 'hands-free boarding' and are based on 'BLE and NFC technology'.