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Mobility as a service with multimodal trip planner

March 02, 2023

In addition to trip origin and destination, first- and last-mile modes of transportation, and system performance, ZIG provides a big data platform with rider analytics.

The ZIG platform makes it possible to organise multimodal trips using all modes of transportation by combining several itineraries into one, greatly enhancing the effectiveness and usefulness of travel planning.

ZIG offers a one-stop solution for in-app booking of tolls, public transportation, and other modes.

Users may find all the information they need in one place rather than searching through many transit options and schedules across different sources. ZIG provides current details on traffic conditions and transit schedules. Users could be able to better plan their journeys and avoid gridlock.

The key features of Mobility as a Service includes:

  • Integration of multiple modes of transportation
  • Plan trips for fixed route, on-demand, ADA, bikeshare, rideshare, and more
  • Real-time information
  • Sustainability and Optimization
  • Fixed Routes and Para-Transit.