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Cost comparison by mode of travel.

Obtain a real-time estimated cost of your travel for each mode including transit, rideshare and bikeshare.

Rate places for safety & service quality

Tell us about your favorite place. Was it crowded? Were there long waits and lineups?

Realtime crowding data from venues

Are you a venue operator? ZIG sensors will inform your customers in real-time on how busy your venue is.

Intercity trip plans

ZIG provides real-time availability of inter city travel options near you.


Sync your calendar to ZIG to obtain real-time transportation options to your appointments.

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Real-Time transit visualization on trips planned

View your bus arriving on a map and the ETA to your stop. Obtain notifications of delays in real-time.

Find bus stops closest to me

ZIG automatically finds the bus stops closest to your location.

Real-Time Bus Stop departure board

A unique feature of ZED, view the lines that come to your stop and the ETA of buses in real-time.

Real-Time transit schedules

View your favorite lines and their schedules in real-time. Never be late for a bus again!

Real-time PDF schedule generation

This is a unique feature of ZIG. No more outdated PDFs.

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VENUE CROWDINGYour customers can view real time occupancy of your venue on the ZIG app.
MOBILITY AS A SERVICE FOR YOUR ORGANIZATIONWhite-label the ZIG app for a customized mobility planning solution for your customers.
CONTACTLESS ENTRYPayments are verified with the phone in your pocket !
Display your social distancing policies on the ZIG app.
Customers can pay for services via the ZIG app.
ZIG sensors transmit real-time location of your vehicles to app users (CAD/AVL).
ZIG sensors can connect your venue to customers on their smart phones in real-time.
Offer contactless mobile payment to your customers.
ZIG sensors provide mobile ticket validation to riders.

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This is the best most precise app that I have found that makes traveling smoother and easier.

Fantastic App! For those that commute, this app has it all. Times when your buses are coming (which is dead-on). See the next 3 available times. If you commute or take transit, this is a must-use app!

Best transit app in existence. It solves compacted bus schedules with Multimode transit. The UI/UX is gorgeous. They did everything right. Would love to see more bikes and scooter in the same app.

It saved my life for real. I'm busting my butt to get on my feet. It helped when you got no car, and it's cheap and full of info for anything bus.

I have been using this app for 2 years now, it's been so good. I love the user experience and trip planning with minimal clicks.

Great app that makes navigating cities easier. I especially like the real-time info.

Easy to use and set up. I managed to install this app, and I managed to catch the bus in time. It works right away.

Great App for travel on public transport. Arrival & Departure Time is Handy.

I have been using this app for 2 years now, its been so good. Love the user experience and trip planning with minimal clicks.

I've been using this for years now, and I've had no issues. It's reliable, and for the most part, very accurate with prediction times.

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Now Available

ZIG multimodal trip planner includes cost comparison and the real-time location of your bus, train, taxi, rideshare, bike, or scooter. It shows restaurants, shopping centers, banks, entertainment, services, hospitals, schools on the route. A customized versatility and wellness experience with your inbuilt Calendar and Fitbit!

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Yes. ZIG provides multimodal planning with real-time information, best routes, traffic delays, and alerts.
Sure. ZIG is a real-time trip planner with a cost comparison for bus, rail, rideshares, bike-share, and scooters in a single app. You can view live availability and costs for your trip to make cost-effective choices.
Yes. We provide green transportation options and personalized route suggestions based on your preferences. You can also earn rewards for miles traveled and CO2 reduction as well.
Yes, you can. ZIG provides driving time and cost comparison in real-time with public transit and other shared mobility modes. It also includes intercity travel planning showing alternate toll routes, so you can use one single app no matter where you travel.
Yes, it does. ZIG displays services, destinations, and amenities nearby and on the route.
We provide real-time traffic information & delays.
Yes we are ADA compliant.
Yes, it can. ZIG displays steps taken and calories burned. You can also set preferences to choose the bus stops nearby.
ZIG provides real-time alerts and notifications to track your ride.

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